Monday, May 19, 2008

It's About Frickin Time!

Many of you have noticed that I have been MIA for about three weeks. If you suspected that I was sick and had to go the hospital, or that I have met someone who is a wonderful distraction, and is occupying much of my previously allocated blog-time, you'd be correct.

I would like to thank everyone who commented or emailed me expressing concern for well-being, and wonderment as to my where-abouts. I have been remiss in reading all of your posts, and in writing any of my own. I do hope to rectify this, slowly but surely.

Work is extremely busy right now. I have three fairly big projects going on right now, with a couple little ones jammed in there for good measure. I have a lovely young woman, smart and pretty, who seems to find me irresistible vying for my attention, and the blog has suffered immensely, and I miss you all!

It seems the longer you spend not writing your blog, the more intimidating the virtual sheet of blank paper in front of you becomes. I began to think that just opening up the "new post" screen, would cause it to somehow grab me by the ear, and throw me out in the hallway, while I tried desperately to think of something innocent to tell the principal when he walked by and asked what I was doing out here. Not that I would know what that feels like...but I digress. I have spent some time thinking about what to write about and decided that a simple update will have to do to get the blog-ball rolling again.

Golf started. I play in a women's league once a week, with my golf partner, Lily. This is our third season as a team. We are in a crappy division, but we have won our division the past two years. I like to say that we are the best of the worst, or at the top of the bottom pile...anyway, we are only there to have fun, and we do. Lily is a warm and thoughtful person with a sharp wit, and a positive attitude. She's every one's cheerleader, and she's especially good at keeping me even, and calm without ever saying the dreaded phrase..."calm down". We laugh a lot, and see blue birds and orioles, and hawks, and woodchucks, and bunnies on the course. It's a real treat.

About ten days ago I got very sick. It was late Wednesday night. There was sweating and nausea, and blood. I was scared, but I'm self-employed and don't have medical insurance, so I tried to wait it Friday morning my mother informed me she was coming to get me and take me to the hospital. I did not want to go. I have an unreasonable fear of hospital, and all things medical, but couldn't argue. I was in too much pain, and I knew I needed to go. I was admitted Friday, and released on Sunday, Mother's Day. It was quite an experience which I will go into detail about on my other blog.

I have been enjoying the weather. I planted my herb garden, my tomatoes, and filled my planter and my flower pots on the deck with beautiful flowers. The hummers are here, and I managed to snag a photo of one while standing in my kitchen. I am feeling optimistic, obviously I haven't received the bill from the hospital yet. I am busy and should be able to get caught up with finances which will be a huge relief. Now if only I get the price of gas to go down instead of up up up!