Wednesday, November 21, 2007

7 Ways I'm Weird

From one of very most favorite bloggers, Heartinsanfrancisco's blog, Guilty With an Explanation, I have been passively tagged with this meme. I am called upon to describe 7 ways I'm weird, or random facts about me:

1. When I was around 5 years old, I asked my mother; who was my mother before her. (I'm not adopted)

2. I spent about a month homeless, immediately preceding my signing up to join the army. I sneaked into a college dorm late at night behind someone that lived there, and slept in a broom closet. I was up and out very early in the morning before anyone discovered me.

3. Some women followed me from a bar where I worked one night, to my car, and tried to break into it to hurt or kill me. I got the doors locked just in time. They tried to break the windows, then they pulled their car up behind mine to try to trap me, and I saw one pull a shot gun out of the trunk. I took off, over a sidewalk to get away and they chased me in their car through the streets of Hartford. I ran every red light I came to, to try to attract the attention of the police, but nothing. I finally made it back to the bar, and ran back inside, where the 400 pound bouncer, Patrick would protect me.

4. I spent 2 years in Virginia with a bicycle as my only mode of transportation.

5. When I lived in L.A. , I danced in a gay country western meets Las Vegas show girls dance group called The Men and Women of the Midnight Cowboys. We performed at Gay Pride festivals, The San Diego Gay Rodeo, and GLAD media awards.

6. I packed up my life and moved to California without ever having been there. I didn't know anyone, or have a job. I prepaid a month for a room in a house, and had a months worth of rent and grocery money on me.

7. I have an uncanny memory for song lyrics. I learn them very quickly, and don't seem to ever forget them. I can hear a song I haven't heard in over 30 years, and still know the words.

Again, I would like to add; if you would like to do this meme, please consider yourself tagged and have fun!


Ces said...

Wow, very interesting. Scary no. 3 and that photograph of you as the dancer is a beaut.

Anonymous said...

You are VERY weird! HAHHAHAHHAAA Yes, number three is from a horror story ...

RED MOJO said...

Ces, Thanks for finding my weirdness interesting.

Anon, Thanks for finding my weirdness weird!

Anonymous said...

No problem, it was easy! Hhehheeee. Be thankful for it! I am :)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Wow. This is great!

I was once surrounded in a NC parking lot by five women who called themselves Dykes on Bikes. It could have been ugly, but they turned out to be decent and let me go. I never knew why they picked me.

I have often moved to places I'd never been and hoped for the best. I would prefer not to do that again, though.

And I also have a phonographic memory and remember song lyrics and anything else I hear. I never forget a voice. This is not beneficial when commercials are concerned.

It was great learning more about you. Oh, and I also believed that I was adopted, but wasn't.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I meant to ask, why were those women with the shotgun after you? "My" parking lot women didn't have any weapons and were actually attempting to be friendly, very friendly. :)

RED MOJO said...

Heart, I know what you mean about commercials. I glad you enjoyed it, this was fun to do.

Why did those nasty women come after me? If this was easy to explain, I probably would've included it, but here goes. This all happened when I was around 20. I was out at a women's bar one night, and someone stole my jacket. It was a brand new reversible gap jacket that I picked out and my mother bought it for me. I liked it a lot. The woman who took it, was a tough, slimey, just as soon knife you as look at you type. She was wearing it, and taunting me to even dare to say anything. One of my friends did get in her face about it, and I had to protect her by disengaging her and leaving as quickly as possible. After that, that woman and I ran into each other on at least 6 different occassions, in different clubs. She always stared and glared at me all night. She seemed to be cultivating her hatred for me, until finally, she and a gang of her crazies showed up one night at the bar where I worked, and waited after the bar closed until I came out.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Yikes. That's really mean and horrible. It must have been quite scary knowing she was out there in your jacket, waiting to catch you alone.

Thank goodness for 400 pound bouncers.

My motorcycle ladies scared me by grabbing me -- I was clearly outnumbered as well as small. But I invented a very tough and large boyfriend, and they became very reasonable.

They had nice bikes, though. :)

CS said...

What a great list! #3 would have paralyzed me with fear. Love the dancer photo!

RED MOJO said...

heart, I'm glad we both made it though our encounters unscathed!

cs, Thank you. It was fun to write.

Ces said...

Why did you not call the police to report that the thief has your jacket?

kj said...

ha! it is so interesting and so cool to learn about someone who is already a friend by reading her "stories". such is the case here: kind of highlights the sweet wonder of blogging.

this was fun to read from start to finish. and the photo! i had to look three times and then said, "I'll be damned--it's rm!" very classy.


Ces said...

RM thanks for the finger joint word.

RED MOJO said...

Ces, The police in a big crime ridden city don't really care if someone takes your jacket, and I'm sure that wouldn't have smoothed things over with this woman either. Besides possession is 9/10, and it's not like I had the reciept on me.
Your welcome for the joint name!

kj, Thank you. Yes, it's really me, I know it's hard to believe I look like such a slob these days, not that that's what you meant, but it's how I feel. That's the motivation for my current campaign ;)

kj said...

you never look like a slob!!!

and since i do sometimes, i should know!


Craig D said...

A gay country western/Las Vegas show girls dance group?

Sounds like a case of "concept overload!"

Well, at the very least you can add "showbiz vetran" to you long and varied resume.

RED MOJO said...

Kj, Thanks.

craig d, the "las vegas" thing was because sometimes articles of clothing came off, and kick lines were formed etc. It was actually really fun, and very popular!

Craig D said...

Well, I suppose dancing in a line is the same thing as line dancing...

Hold it. What was that about clothing..?