Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Guilty Six Meme

I was tagged by heartinsanfrancisco while visiting the blog Guilty With an Explanation

6 guilty pleasures no one would suspect me of having:
1. I like to watch Spongebob Squarepants

2. Gaming, I love PS2 games like Kingdom Hearts
3. Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide, the whole pint.
4. Singing at the top of my lungs in the car.
5. Starbucks triple vente sugar free vanilla non-fat latte.
6. Puffing but not inhaling on a big nasty macanudo gold cigar with a glass of port

6 guilty pleasures I wish I had the courage to indulge:
1. Run in and complete a marathon
2. White water kayaking

3. Build a wooden strip canoe
4. Start painting (oils)
5. Skydive
6. Get a tattoo

6 pleasures I once considered guilty but have either abandoned or made peace with:
1. Spending the entire day on a motorcycle ride
2. Enjoying a glass of red wine with dinner even when I dine alone
3. Indulging my shoe fetish
4. Golfing twice a week

5. Season opera tickets
6. Putting my needs ahead of others.

Like heartinsanfrancisco, I would like to add that if you'd like to do this meme, consider yourself tagged. I'll see it when I visit you next!


charlotta-love said...

Regarding the TOTALLY can do it. Or start with a 5K and work your way up. Also, you don't have to run the whole distance. I competed in a triathlon last year and I walked most of the "running" part. Everyone cares IF you finish...not HOW you finish. :o)

kj said...

very fun to read rm. when i learn to strum a few chords on the guitar, maybe you will sing at the top of your lungs on the couch?

i could see you doing a marathon. jb and i and you know who else would be on the side of the road rooting you on.

RED MOJO said...

Charlotta-love, Thanks for your vote of confidence. I set a goal many years ago to complete a marathon during my 50th year I life. I still have time to train :) I'm fine with part or most of it being in the walk mode.

kj, If you play as poorly as I sing, it's a deal. I'd be thrilled to have your support!

Ces said...

Spondebob is cool. I think Patrick is so dumb, Squidwort is so frustrated and Mr. Crabbs is so greeding. I like the girl but I forgot her name, the one wearing an upside-down aquairium over her head. My favorite is Mrs. Puff!

I think the art in Kingdon Hearts is wonderful.

Do you mean run in a complete marathon with no clothes?

Yes, start painting!!!

No to tattoo!!!

Go to Sturgis with your motorcycle. Can I ride on the back with you? I promise, I will cook breakfast.

Shoes, of course, why not?

Ces said...

I mean greedy, not greeding.

Anonymous said...

HAHHAHHAAA, I find the puffing on a cigar funny! Was the only girl who smoked them at school and still smoke now - blah. Not inhaling is the way to go hehehheeee. I'll be back later when have more time .... light the fireplace!

RED MOJO said...

Ces, Her name is Sandy. She's the squirrel that knows karate from Texas. I guess your kid's must game. The graphics are wonderful. If you play, I'd be surprised!
I wasn't thinking of streaking a marathon, though that would require quite a bit of courage.
Of course you can ride on the back, and cook me breakfast! :)

Anon, Ha! I caught you! It is getting colder! My fire is lit!

Ces said...

Yes, Sandy and she is indeed a squirrel with a Southern twang. If she is from Texas she should be saying "Dahling" or "Hoeney" and pronounces a one syllable swear word with three syllables like Shee-ye-it. Hahaha!

Ces said...

Oh look, I spelled Spongebob incorrectly on my first comment!

tsduff said...

1. Spending the entire day on a motorcycle ride
2. Enjoying a glass of red wine with dinner even when I dine alone

These are guilty? They sound fabulous to me LOL

I got so sick on a cigar my boss gave me once... not knowing that you aren't supposed to inhale the dang thing... bleah. I like the smell, but the thought of smoking one now makes me green. Port is good though :)

RED MOJO said...

Ces, I know Sandy's from Texas because there's a whole episode about her being home sick for Texas. Sheee-yeee-it Yeah!

tsduff, okay, the guilt for the day spent on Lucille comes from my dogs. If we have a rare nice day, I feel I should take them for a hike. Not leave them alone in the house all day :( and I did make peace with the solo glass of wine thing. :)

kj said...

oooh, i see you did a little layout on this post. it looks nice!

RED MOJO said...

kj, Thanks, I couldn't get it to work, so I looked up html code, and learned how to add spaces, do the link correctly etc. I am much happier with it now.

Anonymous said...

I'm back and studying guilty pleasures you wish courage for. Number one looks easy but wouldn't try it myself Heehee. White water kayaking is something I want the courage for - not so much courage but opportunity, although that's an excuse :) Oil painting doesn't need courage, start with being a closet painter until feel comfortable with 'showing' and a tattoo doesn't hurt but does take a bit of courage getting something that doesn't rub off! I'll leave the skydiving (WHAAAA!) and building a canoe to you - which I'm sure you'll do one day!

Ces said...

Yes, I think I remembered an episode when she was saying things about Texas. My kids watched this show often when they were younger. I like the Spongebob Squarepants toy.

RED MOJO said...

Anon, I think the ones that look easy, like the marathon and the oil painting are courageous, not because they are hard to do, but because the chances of failure are high. The first time I tried oil painting, I set up my easel outside to paint a house, and thousands of people (well at least 6) felt compelled to come over my shoulder and see what I was doing. Creepy and way too vulnerable. Some of them even offered advice! I think you're right. Still life is the way to start. Fruit of something. (eyeroll).

Ces, I found a spongebob stuffed toy in the moving van I rented when I made my move across the country and took all these photos with him in them, like the garden gnome in Amelie. (movie)

kj said...

html code? jeez, i wish i had this dna. this sounds at least as hard as programming my cell phone...


Anonymous said...

Never try sketching at a zoo then - it's a public nightmare! Try gathering a few of your favourite things for your first still life - something you know well when you close your eyes :)

RED MOJO said...

kj, programming a cell phone and things like that come easily to me. I don't know, maybe it is dna.

Anon, Hahaha, I have sketched at a zoo. I did speed sketching and sketching without looking at the paper, etc. It was fun. I don't care if people see my drawings, I'm good at that, painting is a different story.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Buy some paints and begin. You never know where it will lead, so just do it.

And I think you should build the canoe. I can think of few things more satisfying than building a boat.

I've considered getting a tattoo but never have. Still, I've come a long way since I thought I was mutilating myself when I got my ears pierced, but I like earrings and have small earlobes.

RED MOJO said...

heart, I hope to do both at some point, the painting and the boat. I've always kicked around the tattoo thing, but was never really compelled enough to do it. I think I would want something tribal on the small of my back. I think those are sexy!
I hope you're feeling better.