Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Movies

I like love movies! I watch very little television, but I do have a large pull down movie screen, and projector, a very good sound system and a movie collection of about 400 DVDs so far. I watch several movies a week, and thought I would make a movie review on Mondays, part of my blog. I will review the best and the worst movie I saw this past week. This may bore some of you to tears, but I don't mind! I belong to Netflix and they use a 5 star rating system, which I think is insufficient so I will use a six star system.

  1. Hated it (wasted 2 whole hours of my life)
  2. Didn't like it
  3. Not bad, but not recommendable
  4. Liked it
  5. Liked it a lot
  6. Loved it (these are the ones I buy)

This weeks best and worst:

Stomp the Yard was the best movie this week. I give it 4 stars. The part of this film that I really like is the "stepping" that they do throughout the movie. This is a combination of precision drill team and dance. Since I have done both, it is of particular interest to me. The storyline is eh, okay. If you happened to see Drumline, this is pretty much the same movie; just plug in the different activity. It is possible that if you're not me, or someone exactly like me, you may not enjoy this movie as much as I did. In fact if there had been more stepping and less story, I'd have rated it even higher! Sick.

Fear X is one of the worst pieces of garbage I've sat through in a long time. I give it 2 stars. I'd give it 1, but I have to save 1 for something really offensive, not just plain lame. Plus, I did sit though the whole thing. What made me do it? John Turturro, of course. This guy can really do scary! If you saw Secret Window staring Johnny Depp you know what I'm talking about. He's a good actor overall, so I kept waiting for the movie to start, for him to snap. Well, I was still waiting when the credits started to roll. What a slow moving, non-gripping, cure for insomnia this movie was. In fact, the look on his face on the cover of the DVD jacket is the same look I had on my face for the entire movie.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

That's a pretty good rating system right there - the actor's face on the jacket is indicative of how our own will look while watching it.

You're a genius! And I'll pass on both of these, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I also watch little television but a few movies a week, so this will help me not waste time! Stomp the Yard sounds very much like an old Australian favourite of mine named Bootmen! I think I'm going to like that movie! Will take your advise and not bother seeing Fear X!

kj said...

i see just a few movies, all in movie theatres, which i love, especially matinees when i walk in and it's light out and i walk out and it's dark.

jb watches movies at home.

i'll be interested to see what you recommend.

RED MOJO said...

Heart, Wow, a genius! You just keep getting favoriter and favoriter.

Anon, I knew you were cool :)

kj, Sweet, I won't steer you wrong.

Rachel Schell said...

I have to admit that the only good thing about Stomp Yard was the stepping. the movie itself was lacking. just my opinion.

CS said...

That's pretty funny - now I'm picturing the actor on the cover saying to him self, "What was I thinking when I took this role?"

I liked drumline, and love pretty much anything involving dance, so I'll check Stomp the Yard out.

Beeper said...

There's a movie reviewer whom I like who says "You Got Served" is better than "Stomp the Yard", so I put that one in my Netflix queue. The impression I got is that it's more real, made first, less of a Hollywood formula movie. Haven't seen it yet, so I can't say for sure, but check it out.

RED MOJO said...

rachel, i agree, it's just my opinion too.

cs, i'll be interested in hearing your opinion.

beeper, I'll put "You Got Served" in my queue. Thanks

kj said...

love love love that shot of the flying (smiling) birds. you should send it to the local paper--betcha they'll print it!


RED MOJO said...

kj, Unfortunately I didn't take it. I got it off the internet, but I love it too!

Ces said...

The onlt television I watch is Animal Planet and National Geographic. I love to watch movies but only the good ones and good to me means classic, like the way Merchant and Ivory made them. I cannot remember the last movie I saw. I think it was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. There are a lot of crap movies out there - dumb, violent, crude and just plainly made for people with low IQ.

RED MOJO said...

Again, your words ring true, but I do find the occasional gem, and I am encouraged enough to keep looking. Plus depending on my mood, sometimes light and entertaining fits the bill.

Ces said...

I think your set-up will make any movie dud still a worthwhile experience. I sometimes enjoyed going to a movie based on my company. Your home set-up is so ideal for a grand time regardless of the film quality.

RED MOJO said...

Ces, Yes, It does add to the enjoyment of the experience overall, I can hardly bear to watch a movie on tv.

Anonymous said...


Love your hat :)