Tuesday, December 4, 2007

2 Hot Girls in the Shower #10 - Holiday Episode

Top 10 Burning Christmas Questions

Having a little trouble with the Holiday Season? Is it all coming at you too fast, and you feel you have unanswered questions that are inhibiting your ability to fully enjoy this wondrous time of year? Well, fret no longer. I have conducted a clinical-scientific-double-blond-study, and come up with Not Only the top 10 burning questions, but; due to tireless research, I have unraveled the mysteries, uncovered the answers, and will now unveil them all, just for you.

1. Q. Can reindeer really fly?

A. I had help on this from "2 Hot Girls in the Shower", watch the video.

2. Q. When is the best time to start Christmas Shopping?

A. The best time is the day after Christmas when all the sales are going on, stock up for next year. This can be a drag though for several reasons:

a) The stores are choked with the throngs of people who just don't know how to appreciate toe socks and chia-pets, trying to return their thoughtful gifts for something they don't really need anyway.

b) You can't really be sure you'll still be on speaking terms with some people by Christmastime next year, you don't want to waste all that time and money shopping for them.

c) You've already maxed out all of your credit cards on this Christmas. You need to spend the time looking for a second job, not doing more shopping.

3. Q. Will Santa still come if I'm not sleeping?

A. Yes, as long as you pretend to be asleep. Practice deep regular breathing and REM eye movement for several weeks prior to Christmas to make sure you've got it down. Have someone watch you, or video tape yourself to make sure it's convincing, this is important!

4. Q. What gifts are offensive to people I know well?

A. Gifts that say, I didn't actually think of you specifically, such as:

a) Scented candles, or any candles really

b) Soaps and lotions

c) Tube socks

d) Calenders

e) Fruit cake, preserves, or any food, unless it is a personal favorite, or home made.

f) A Gevalia Coffee Maker

g) A football shaped phone, that they know came free when you got your subscription to Sports Illustrated.

h) Anything that person gave you last year.

5. Q. If I'm not seeing anyone at Christmastime, how can I avoid feeling desperately lonely and suicidal?

A. Keep a sprig of mistle-toe on you at all times. Pull it out and dangle it over your head with a smile, every time you see someone you might like to kiss. If you've just had a spinach salad, skip the smile. Use it in elevators, on the subway, in line at the bank, and in the waiting room at the OBGYN!

6. Q. Are all those new inflatable lawn decorations like snow globes, and Grinch's, and Santa riding a chopper a good idea?

A. No.

7. Q. I don't know what to get for (insert difficult to buy for person's name here).

A. Think of what annoys you most about that person, and you'll have it.

a) He's always smoking those stinky cigars. *Cigars

b) He's lazy. *a recliner (too much money?) a pair of pants with an elastic waist.

c) She's too controlling. *a universal remote

d) She drinks too much. *wine of the month club membership

e) He's unfaithful. *a one-way ticket to Bismarck

f) Picks his nose. *hankies

You get the idea. Remember it's not about making you happy, (except the Bismarck one) it's all about them.

8. Q. What should I wear on Christmas Day?

A. This one is tough for a lot of people. Try to avoid anything that has glitter or sequins applied, or bells sewn right on. Articles of clothing with red flashing LEDs, also a bad idea if you are over 6. I know it's tempting, but please, stop the insanity.

9. Q. What if I don't like a gift I get?

A. a) Pretend you do, in fact you can inform the person that you wanted one of those so much, you already bought one for yourself. Then hope aloud that they still have the receipt.

b) Pretend you do, take it home and stuff in the closet with all the other stinkers just waiting for a white elephant party. Attach a post-it to it, with the name of the person who gave it to you, to avoid number 4.

c) Pretend you do, and drop it in the first Goodwill drop box you see on your way home.

10. Q. Does Santa really know if I've been bad or good?<p> A. Yes, he does but he's very forgiving and generous, so chances are, you'll get what you deserve, especially if you wake up in Bismarck!


kj said...

clever, clever, clever. what a fun informative holiday prep.

although rm, i like soaps, lotions, candles and calendars. i would be very happy with any of those as gifts, not to mention homemade cookies.

i haven't looked at the video yet so i may have more to say....


Anonymous said...

I was REALLY SCARED to watch the video (especially with a houe full of until 18 boys here) but KJ ... it's safe ;)

Thank you Red Mojo! I feel so much better now and ready to HO HO HO!

RED MOJO said...

kj, Thank you, i did make homemade food an exception, to the rule, and of course any of those can be personalized and be fine! I hope you get them all. Ho Ho Ho

Anon, You are welcome, I'm glad I could help. Ho Ho HO.

Wieneke said...

Very funny, story and video. But just like KJ I like getting candles, soaps, flowers, plants, candy, chocolates, homemade jams and so on. All things that die (plants e.g.) or are eaten. No more junk that is in my way. My house is full and I want space!

RED MOJO said...

Wieneke, Thank you. Glad you liked it. About the gifts, those things are fine, I guess it's the wording of my question, "...offensive to people I know WELL?" Meaning, you get enough of that crap from co-workers, associates, customers, distant relatives, etc. I always buy and wrap a few of these items and put them under the tree for people who give me a gift, when I wasn't expecting one. Then I can say, "I got something for you too" and grab one of the "generic" gifts.

tsduff said...

oh crappola - now I'll have to modify my list... I always give tube socks, soaps (lovelovelove soaps), calendars and candles! But thanks... now I know what to get for my boss... stinky cigars :D

kj said...

rm, after your reference to CRAP (!), i took back the lotion, soap, candles and football phone i was planning to give you for christmas.

whew! i was able to exchange everything to my satisfaction: i hope you especially like the volleyball phone instead. instead of a ring, feathers flutter when you have a call.

RED MOJO said...

tsduff, There you go, glad I could help.

kj, well now that I know you like soaps, lotions, candles, calenders and homemade cookies, I definately know what to give you!

Lizza said...

Oh crap. Scrap the candles then. Although I'm thinking a friend might appreciate the genitalia-shaped ones. What should I get for a smartass though?

RED MOJO said...

Lizza, I should've excluded genitalia-shaped candles, and soaps from the list, those are thoughtful indeed! For the smartass, a copy of Diesel's book? (He didn't pay me to say that.) Or maybe a blank book that you title "The Idiots Guide to Smartassery" for your smartass to write?

Debra Kay said...

I like socks and candles. But what I always wanted was an electric screwdriver. I finally gave up and got my own. Probably going to have to do the same thing if I ever want to actually get a pony.

Ces said...

Funny. Tells a lot about how much we focus on the gift giving and receiving instead of celebrating the real meaning of Christmas. No wonder it is very easy for non-Christmas believers to spoil the fun by enforcing their politically-correct views on those who love Christmas. My taste in gifts is simple. Don't give me any gift that requires reading of poorly written instructions and gifts with little white stickers that say "Made in China". So in that case a fruitcake made in the US would qualify or a can of sardines packed in Canada or pickled Herring from Norway, I suppose :-)

Boo7 said...

LOL!! Love the Christmas tips!!

But what really caught my eye was the photo you posted at the top...the smile in the sky!! That is one of the very best pictures I've EVER seen...thanks so much for sharing it...love, love, love it!!!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog...I'll be back.....:)

RED MOJO said...

Debra kay, I'm sorry you never got that pony. Don't give up!

Ces, what it really tells a lot about, is my sense of humor.

boo7, Thanks for your visit, unfortunately, I can only take credit for finding the picture, not taking it, but I love it too.

charlotta-love said...

What do you wear on Christmas? Um, pajamas. This has NEVER been an issue.

RED MOJO said...

Charlotta-love, Thanks for not saying how much you love candles and soap.