Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's Virtually Christmas

On a recent visit to I am woman, see me blog I was delighted to see that Lizza had done some virtual shopping for some of her faithful readers. I decided it would be fun to do the same, and here are the results of my cyber shopping trip.

Anon: Since you are such a great fan of birds, as am I, I thought I'd find you a beautiful oil painting of an exotic bird. This is an African Congo Grey painted by Parrot painter Roy Astley Fryer.

Kj: I know that most of the writing you do is on your computer, but for those moments when you don't have your handy laptop with you, I picked you out a beautiful Visconti fountain,, and ball point pen set. I know you'll love it.

Ces: My gift to you is rather selfish. I would love to give you to a lifelong supply of Molskine notebooks so you never have to stop drawing, and writing, and sharing all the beauty that is in your head.

CS: I wanted to find you something that might help you relax and stay healthy. This is all I could come up with.

tsduff: You were easy because I already know exactly what you want.

Heartinsanfrancisco: I thought it would be fun to sneak something into your closet for you to find. Not the woman, just the jacket. It's faux fur of course!

craig d: I wanted to find you something to encourage the hobby you share with your daughter. Sketching cartoon characters.

charlotta-love: In light of your new boyfriend, I thought this splinter removal kit prudent!

dorky dad: To aid in your suffering over the next couple of weeks I found you some bromo-seltzer.

boo7: Since you probably love to spoil those dogs of yours, I thought they might love some sensible shoes. These are for hiking.

wieneke: I have never been to your blog, but I love that you visit mine, so I found you an international trip planner for when you come to visit.

debra kay, I don't know why, but I couldn't control the urge to get you a pony.

I hope everyone enjoys their virtual gifts. I'm exhausted from all this shopping, so I hope it's okay that I didn't wrap anything. Merry Christmas You Guys!


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Oh, it's beautiful! And I love the fact that it's faux fur because I don't want to wear my friends all flayed and everything.

Thank you so much for thinking of me, Mojo. This is very cool idea, virtual Christmas gifts, perfect for virtual friends.

I will feel virtually warm and cherished every time I open my closet and see my new duds.

Tractors are nice, too. My birthday is in June.

Wieneke said...

How thoughtful of you, Red Mojo. Thank you very much. What a nice idea to give visitors of your blog a virtual gift. If you don't mind I think I will steal your idea.
You are not visiting my blog, so you'll never notice it :-))

Merry X-mas to you !

tsduff said...

I feel quite special - thank you so much for such a wonderful gift! I think you are the only one who REALLY knows what I wanted... :)

Wishing you a warm and Merry Christmas, with peace, good health and harmony in the coming year.

kj said...

what i fabulous idea. i will probably steal it too.

here's my first virtual gift to you, rm: go to alta vista so you can translate wieneke's blog from dutch to english. it's a cinch, mostly.

and oh yes: i love my pens. thank you. very beautiful, they are..


RED MOJO said...

heart, you're welcome. I'm not sure I'm happy about the idea of you associating me with the closet, but I'm glad you like it. I'll look into tractors.

wieneke, Please, by all means STEAL IT. I stole it. She said she didn't mind, and I certainly don't. It was great fun. I think everyone should do it.

tsduff, perhaps you need some pointers in not very subtle hint dropping. Let me know if I can help. Oh, and peace and harmonicas to you too!

kj, Do it! I can't wait to see. :) I will go to alta vista, thank you!

CS said...

Hey, thanks for the virtual present! That was a nice thing to find on my return to the blog world. The stress I'm okay with, the tiredness I'm still working on. Thank God for soft beds and cozy pjs.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my virtual gift Red Mojo! THANKYOU!!!!!! Excellent choice, the colours and medium suit my home perfectly and OF COURSE the subject is more than excellent :)

Ces said...

Thank you for my gift. You are so sweet sweet sweet!!!

Debra Kay said...

sniffle sniffle....still no pony....(dramatic sigh......)

Boo7 said...

Well what a treat!! My girls will absolutely love their new shoes....those poor little feet of theirs get all cold and icy this time of year.

Thank you so much for thinking of me RM....I'm feeling very honoured!

Sending you and yours the warmest of wishes, happy thoughts for the holidays and all the best in the coming year.....:)

RED MOJO said...

cs, It's so good to see you in blogland. I'm sorry I couldn't find you something more recuprative. I'd love to spend Christmas in my pjs like I used to.

Ces, you're welcome, you are too!

debra kay, I feel so bad. I could've easily given you a pony! What's wrong with me?

boo7, Glad you like your booties! I hope 2008 rocks!

Dave said...

Now THAT's what I call creative shopping! :-)

First time to your blog. Have a great holiday season!

Wieneke said...

@KJ: Heeeee !!! You stole my gift for Red Mojo !!! I wanted to give her the translationsite Alta Vista. :-)

Craig D said...

I thank you and Mariel thanks you!

We'd been making due with DOLLAR STORE pencils, lo these many moons.

If'n I ever get a new computer and scanner I'll start posting the results.


RED MOJO said...

dave, thanks for stopping in. Happy Holidays to you as well.

wieneke, it's the thought the counts, so thank you for the link!

craig d, I hope you've been very good if Santa's gonna bring you all that stuff! I'd love to see what you and Mariel have been drawing. ;)

charlotta-love said...

This is by far the coolest idea! and my first virtual gift. Thank you so much! Splinter Removal...HA, I love it! Merry Christmas to you!

Debra Kay said...

Thank you, that is just the one I would have chosen. How did you know????

RED MOJO said...

charlotta-love, I'm glad to have given you your first virtual gift!

debra kay, I knew you'd want that one! It spoke to me.

kj said...

debra kay got her pony. tell me things are right with the world. go ahead tell me, because i'll tell you you are dead wrong: afterall, debra kay got her pony!!!

Debra Kay said...

Wow, he even talks!!!! This is the best Christmas EVER!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Red Mojo! BTW I did thank you above ... :)

RED MOJO said...

anon, I'm sorry I missed you when I responded to comments. I am glad you love the painting and I somehow lucked out and matched your decor. Merry Christmas back to you!

kj, Well it seemed pretty easy to make her happy, so...

debra kay, Well, not like Mr. Ed would speak, more like a new car, or a clean clear pool, they say things to us, but not literally, sorry. If you wanted a talking pony you should've been more specific.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

On second thought, if Debra Kay doesn't want her pony, can I have it?

I'm an old hand with ponies and I promise to give it a very good home.

Debra Kay said...

Hah-that is the most wanted pony in all of ponydom! No one has ever wanted a pony as much as I have, I am quite certain of that. I still am not sure why I didn't just go out and get one, Lord knows I've done that very thing with other things. But this pony was a a gift, and that's what I really wanted, I think, was for someone to want to give me a pony.

Pretty deep-but people tend to give you what they want you to have, I wanted someone to give me what I wanted.

RED MOJO said...

heart, well, there you have it. Looks like you're stuck with the jacket for now, but maybe a pony instead of a tractor for your birthday, if you're good. Merry Christmas anyway!

debra kay, I'm glad you are happy with your virtual pony. He's cheap to keep, and easy to take care of. :)

Dorky Dad said...


And believe you me, I can use all the help I can get.

Got any Preparation H?

Dave said...

Now ... why didn't I think of that! LOL

What a great idea to shop for your online friends. :-)

Have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...


Merry Christmas RedMojo!!!!

Diesel said...

Very nice. I'm so happy for everyone that I almost don't mind that I didn't get anything.

Debra Kay said...

I think I'm going to name my pony Star Gazer. I suggested that name for someone else's pony and they didn't use it, but it's a nice name an now I have my OWN...

charlotta-love said...

Merry Christmas Mojo!

tsduff said...

Lovin my virtual camera... I'm almost ready to get in for real :)

Merry happy Christmas, and now happy New year. Stay warm, and watch that icy driveway, hear? Oh, BTW, your new year wish generator is crazy :)