Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Movies

Time for my review the best and worst movie I watched this past week. I will be using a six star rating system:
  1. Hated it (wasted 2 whole hours of my life)
  2. Didn't like it
  3. Not bad, but not recommendable
  4. Liked it
  5. Liked it a lot
  6. Loved it (these are the ones I buy)

The best and the worst this week:

The best was Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End

I gave this movie 6 stars, my highest rating. If you liked the first two, the third will not disappoint. I like a movie that doesn't insist I hold on to reality very tightly, and hate anything that couldn't really happen. If you are that kind of person, you probably don't care for any of these movies, but I watch movies to escape, not to increase my factual trivial knowledge hoping to win Jeopardy one day. It has action, betrayal, comedy, all the good stuff. Also, Kiera Knightley has a more prominent role, and does some impressive swashbuckling which I love to see.

The worst was The Last Mimzy. I gave this movie 3 stars. Maybe I expected too much. Its a kid's movie. Sometimes these movies have something for everyone, and sometimes they are strictly for kids. I was guessing from the trailer, that this would be entertaining for young and a little less young alike, but alas, it was weak. The plot was thin, the magical stuff was 'eh, the parents were idiots, you wondered how they got through the day. Maybe okay for kids, but not great for anyone.


Boo7 said...

LOL love your movie reviews RM!!

Looking forward to catching Pirates of the Carribean one of these days soon. I particularly liked this line in your review...."I like a movie that doesn't insist I hold on to reality very tightly..." ain't that the truth!! Also good to have the heads up on the other movie!

Hey here's an time it's movie night...gimme a holler and I'll be right over!! I'll even bring the popcorn kay??

Hope you don't mind if I add you to my blogroll...but that will have to wait till later in the day as I am typing this from work...uh oh shhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell!!

I enjoy your blog -- the pictures are great!! Oh and by the way...good on ya for buying yourself a Christmas present...I find that a must each and every year too!! We expect to see many more pictures in the days to come....:)


RED MOJO said...

boo7, I actually do host a movie night for a delightful group, the first Friday of each month. I'm sure you would fit right in! :)
Go ahead and add me to your blogroll as long as you think you want something spicey in there! I'm going to add you too.

Boo7 said...

LOL spicey is good!!

Count me in on the next movie can be there in spirit if nothing else eh?? I have no clue how long it might take to get there for real as I am a tad bit directionally/geographically impaired and couldn't even guess at the distance between southern Ontario and western Mass.....road trips are good too though!!

Anonymous said...

It's good to know I read at high school level! HAHA. Well I've seen the first and six stars it is! The monkey and parrot have the best lines :) The Lasy Mimzy will be gladly missed by your recommendation!

Anonymous said...

Make that 'last' and not 'lasy'! BTW your comments are hiding in the dark!

RED MOJO said...

Hi Anon, Get caught up on the pirates! It's important. I'll fix the comments, thanks.

RED MOJO said...

boo7, It's pot-luck, so have your spirit bring some veggies.

RED MOJO said...

Anon, Okay, I don't know what you mean, I thought you meant the word
"comments" was too dark a color, but it's the same as the rest of text. What are you trying to tell me?

Anonymous said...

If I didn't highlight your comment with my pen/mouse, I wouldn't have known what you asked Red Mojo. Open the post onto a single page and you will see the comments are black like the background :) Otherwise, I like your new layout!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Now the comments are the colour of baby poo!

RED MOJO said...

Anon, I wanted baby poo colored comments. I used to have a sweater that color and I loved it. I wore it all the time. I guess you'd know that if I'd done "8 ways I'm weird" instead of 7.

Anonymous said...

OH hope I didn't influence the Nappy-sanning bleach of your baby poo ;) The new blog layout looks great :)

kj said...

now rm, don't be getting impatient with anon. (bwark!)

your new layout looks very nice.


RED MOJO said...

Anon, Thank you! I just decided the grey text was easier to read, that's all. I did like the baby poo!

kj, Me, impatient with Anon, perish the thought! She rocks! Thank you for noticing my new theme!