Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh Good! More Snow!

When I was a kid I loved snow! I did always have circulation issues, so my hands would get cold fast and hurt a lot, but I didn't care, I wanted to be out there building snow men, sledding, making snow angels, having snow ball fights, building forts, even shoveling was kind of fun for me. Well...people change. I do think snow is pretty, but seeing it in a photo, or painting is fine. I don't really need to experience it anymore.

The thrill is gone.

After a week of being stuck and unable to make any money, I had to quit working at half a day today and rush home before it was too late to make it up my driveway. I also lost Friday, and half the day Saturday. This just isn't fun for me anymore.

I am stuck with this house for a while since I purchased it at the top of the market, unless of course I fail to pay the mortgage because I can't earn an income sitting on my ass in the living room, but that will cost me my business as well, and I'm afraid that will cost me my lust for life and send me spiraling into deep despair. See what a snow storm brings now? Doom and gloom, it almost literally makes me sick. I am definitely in a funk.

10 Things that could pull me out of it:

  1. A suitcase full of money, so I can take the winter off and travel somewhere tropical.
  2. A gorgeous woman who knows just what to say or do to lift my spirits, and who is sharing the financial burden of home ownership.
  3. If Spring arrives later this week.
  4. If next time I plow, I chip out a rock, and a geyser of oil erupts from the hole.
  5. If HGTV hears I am the perfect cross between Bob Vila and Martha Stewart and they offer me my own show, where I remodel the kitchen and then cook a gourmet meal in it.
  6. If they decide to hold the next winter Olympics on my driveway, and pay me handsomely to secure it.

  7. If snow suddenly becomes the most valuable substance on earth and people will pay any price if I let them take it away.

  8. A time machine that I could use to go back to the time when I loved snow, or just back to before I decided to leave California, either one!

  9. A machine that can turn snow into diamonds.

  10. Oprah Winfrey decides to make my small business success one of her causes, and funds my relocation, helps me network among the rich and famous. It becomes trendy to have an original piece of my furniture in your home.

Alright, maybe that last one is a longshot, but the rest of them could...well maybe not 4 or 7. What are you trying to do? Depress me? Hey, a girl can dream can't she?


kj said...

i hate to sound like an accountant, but if you PAY somebody, say $ 75, to PLOW your $$%#@@ driveway, then you will not lose 1, 2, 3, or 3 and a half days of PAID work.

ok, i know i am missing the big picture, like how are you going to know you will be able to get your truck up after it's plowed. but then, wasn't it debra kay who said to park at the bottom of the driveway?

then again, why am i coming up with lame solutions because i am also SICK SICK SICK of all the snow. where is my garden? what color is brown? i feel for you rm, just don't get so depressed the snow wins.


Anonymous said...

FLAPPING MY WINGS LOUDLY and sending warm air your way!

RED MOJO said...

kj, Thanks, but I'm really not looking for advise. I have a plow, and I will plow. Parking at the bottom is not a good solution. I have heavy pieces of equip. lumber and tools I must have with me, both on the job-site and in my workshop. Thanks for trying though. I hope you feel better soon.

anon, thank you, I can almost feel the warm already, although I'm sure it won't be here until tomorrow, since it's already tomorrow there, or something.

Anonymous said...

Sending a bolt of lightening which might reach there your tomorrow!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It sounds like you're really eating it. I wish I could send at least one of two of your heart's desires because I can totally relate to being snowed in, which notably has never happened since moving to California.

That's a lovely photo, though. I hope Spring comes early this year and you win the lottery.

RED MOJO said...

anon, what will I do with that when I get it.

heartinsanfrancisco, I wish you could too. I'd happily settle for just one. I'm NOT greedy. :)

Dorky Dad said...

I'll take some of your snow. You have our cold.


Wieneke said...

I admire your funny way of trying to deal with the big problems caused by the heavy snowfall. A machine which can transform snow in diamonds? Diamonds are a girl's best friends :-) I wish you a lot of courage, Red Mojo. Keep smiling!

Slip said...

Did you get to the snow in time? We get so used to it here that most folks won't call me to plow until there is 6-8 inches.

RED MOJO said...

Dorky Dad, Well at least the cold won't keep from getting where I need to go....nah, I'll just wait for one of the 10 on my list!

wieneke, Thank You! I am trying to keep my humor, it is what it is and I have to deal with it.

slip, Yes, I got it cleaned up. Life goes on. ;)

Anonymous said...

Lightening could melt snow! Set a tree on fire!! It had to be something faster than warm air to be there your tomorrow. Is it there yet or is it still 'today'?

RED MOJO said...

anon, I think it's tomorrow today.
You bit of warm air did come and work it's way up my driveway this morning melting all the residual snow and ice! Thank you!

Debra Kay said...

It iced twice while I was sick, and I was too sick to care. I think the last of the snow/ice fear has been sucked out of me. I am just tryng to figure out what I'm supposed to learn from this chilly, rather sucky winter, and LEARN it so I can live long and prosper. I'm not angry at the snow or the ice or the electric company, just ME for moving my snakes here and letting them die.

AND, I'm going to plant flowers this spring-such flowers that will raise a cry right to heaven and to Oprah and say "yes, I'm still here!!!"

Let's be Ice Pheonix's, rising from our snowy ashes.

tsduff said...

You forgot the lotto option.
I like the Olympics at Red's house :) Or better yet ride on Anon's warm airstream out to California and snooze on the beach for a while and dream. All that snow and ice of yours is making me depressed - good grief!

citizen of the world said...

What a great list! Yep, go ahead and dream - it will bring spring on more quickly And Hey! Can I be you co-host on t e show?

RED MOJO said...

debra kay, Sounds good. I think I'll plant a thing or two this spring as well. Phoenixes it is.

tsduff, Oh the lottery, well what are chances of that happening?!

citizen, Of course you can co-host. That would be great fun! I'll let you know when the call comes in!

VE said...

Can I borrow the time machine when your done?

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO quota YES!!! Pleased a little warm air arrived there :)

Debra Kay said...

YAY-Sister Pheonixes Rising from the Snow!

TheWeyrd1 said...

New suggestion: Call HGTV for not only a show, but to guest on Curb Appeal, wherein you install a HEATED driveway. Not only will you get paid for an appearance (or a free heated driveway not sure how they handle compensation) but you automatically will raise the value of your home and thereby set yourself up for breaking even on a sale so you can move back to California! Just a thought...

RED MOJO said...

theweyrd1, Wow, what a mind on you! That's just crazy enough to work!