Friday, March 7, 2008

Not Right Now, I'm busy?

I have thought about posting, really. I just can't squeeze anything out of my jam-packed head right now. The break down is something like this. Once I free up a few cells, I'll be back!


Debra Kay said...

Live in the now and realize that everything you do has value. Worrying about it is just a waste of time. Do as I say, not as I do....(still trying to stop the worry monster at my house).

Anonymous said...

What stain? More information please Hhehhhee. Thankyou for squeezing your birdie gawking in, I appreciate your visits especially when your head is SO FULL!

kj said...

you have the coolest graphics, rm! we'll all be here when your piechart opens up and maybe even a crotus will have popped through.

take care!!!!

RED MOJO said...

debra kay, Some of it's worry, and some of it's stuff I really do need to devoted some thought and time to.

anon, thanks, I'm working on emptying it right now.

kj, Thanks, I appreciate you.

Debra Kay said...

KJ-that wants a song!
Open up your pie chart let the crocus up your pie chart let the crocus through....we'll all be waiting here when you up your pie chart let your crocus through!

(It really deserved a good song, but that's all I got right now).

Ces said...

Sometimes, I don't know why I blog. I could just visit and not blog.

citizen of the world said...

I don'
t know why, but I've always liked pie charts. The just make such intuitive sense Plus, I like pie. (My neice's life motto is "There's always room for pie.")

charlotta-love said...

I didn't blog on Friday and received an email and a phone call asking where my post was. Gulp...sorry. I couldn't think of anything.

RED MOJO said...

debra kay, If it's music you seek, you should go over to Ve's fantastical nonsense and read his 4 part musical political parody, "West Wing Story" it's very good.

Ces, I think it's because you know people with a gift like yours should share it.

Citizen, I'm with you on pie! I always feel like a super-hero when I call you citizen. Ha!

charlotta-love, that's what happens when people get addicted to your humor.